Roma at Three Rivers is a National Historic Site on Prince Edward Island
The Jean Pierre Roma National Historic Site depicts the life and times of the settlement established in 1732 by Jean Pierre Roma, a Frenchman who carved from the
virgin forest a trading post he called Trois Rivières.
Today, through experiencing heritage programs, we share with our visitors how the people in the settlement lived from day to day, the foods they ate and the foods they
didn't eat, how cod was fished to feed Europe, the toys played with by children before they went to work at the age of 7 and  the fact that Jean Pierre Roma and his indentured servants built many of PEI's first roads ... and more!

Roma acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage
While adding an expanded focus on the British colonial period, "Saluting Our Pioneers" will continue to celebrate the pioneer experinces of the Jean Pierre Roma settlers as done in past years by including bread baking, quill pen writing, music, dance & song, tree stumping & demonstrating a two-man saw; presentations on the cod fishery and everyday life in the 1730s, the Heritage Garden Tour and our speciality "Chocolate; the food of the gods."

 Roma's Heritage lunch will be served daily during the Festival.

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Roma at Three Rivers Celebrates 2017
A.A. Macdonald
Whether it is because of the compelling story of A.A. Macdonald, Father of Confederation, the range of ethnic experiences: Acadian, Mi' qmaq and Scottish, the beautiful coastal scenery, the tasty heritage food or costumed presenters and musicians, Celebrate Three Rivers: Saluting our Pioneers will be remembered as a high light.  ...
Everyday at Roma you can experience the Heritage room and see the artifacts unearthed in the 1970s from the Roma Site which lasted from 1732 to 1745
Everyday at Roma there are children's toys of the 1730s era to play with ...
Everyday at Roma, Roma baked bread from our outdoor stone oven is sold for $5./loaf or $4./loaf for 5 or more loafs ... we also sell ginger cookies home made in our kitchen
Everyday at Roma, summer or winter, you can walk the trails
late June  -late September

(Includes more informatiom than regular Admission i.e. history on A.A. Macdonald era ... etc)
AUGUST 5 &6, 2017

Sample a "taste" of life from the 1730's.

Savour a heritage lunch prepared on site with fresh bread baked in Roma's outdoor oven, a hearty homemade soup and iced tea steeped with herbs grown in the heritage garden.

Experience Roma's heritage lunches, interpreted by guides in period costume, and enjoy the panoramic view of the water at  Brudenell Point.
Gluten Free (GF) items available.
Roma's Heritage Lunch

Soup of the Day $12.00
Seafood Chowder $15.00
Fish Cakes & Baked Beans $15.00
French West Indies Pork (GF)$15.00
Beef or Chicken Stew (GF)$15.00
*Served with
Vegetable and Roma's Soldier Bread & Molasses

Prices include Dessert & Beverages

Ginger Cookies
Chocolate Cake with Sauce Anglais
Gingerbread Cake & Whipped Cream
Apple Pie
French Vanilla Ice Cream  (GF)

Iced Herbal Tea
Hot Chocolate
Apple Juice
*Alcoholic Beverages available.

We accept  cash or Visa;  Roma's Heritage Lunch served daily 
12:00 to 1:30 pm.

Wine … $5.00/glass
Beer … $4.50/glass
(tax included)

Afternoon Tea
Served daily 2 to 4 pm
Choose from a selection of hot teas, Roma's iced herbal tea, coffee, hot chocolate or apple juice, served with a choice of:

Ginger Cookie
Chocolate Cake with Sauce Anglais
Ginger Bread Cake/Whipped cream
French Vanilla Ice Cream
Gluten Free Surprise


Afternoon Tea
Served daily 2 to 4 pm

        Canada's 150th BIRTHDAY

285 years since JEAN PIERRE ROMA arrived


CHOCOLATE (brought to PEI by Roma

Explore Roma's Heritage Garden, styled after a1700's French gardens
There are nineteen raised beds filled with vegetables, herbs and flowers.
Turnips, parsnips, dried beans and peas could feed the settlers all through the winter ... whereas herbs, our first medicines, grown to treat ailments, flavor food and mask bad smells