Fish Tales & Tall Ships
Building temporary cabins for shelter as they went , 19 men laboured for nineteen days in the dead of winter to hack a path to St. Pierre (St Peters), the fishing harbour on the north shore, thus eliminating the twenty-two-league sea journey ...
 from Jill MacLean's book on Roma
Roma at Three Rivers is located 8 km from Montague on the Roma Point Road off Rte 319 in eastern PEI: phone 902 838 3413; email
"1730s Cod Fishery"
You are invited ...
Roma at Three Rivers
invites your family, group of friends or corporate partners
to step back in time, almost 300 years ago, to experience the era of the tall ships and
the life and times at Trois Rivières. 

On the beach, join the crew and relive the life of a 1730s sedentary fishing worker at a mini- fishing site of the 1730s. 
We will introduce you to the fishery that fed Europe for hundreds of years.  Ahoy!
As a newly hired crew member, you will be asked to wear the clothes of the time (costumes provided) and perform numerous tasks including ...
1. Roll up your sleeves and get the boat ready:
Stock food & fresh water for the trip
Inspect the shallop 
Inspect and measure all lines
Rig the boat (gaff, lines, bait, and extra hooks)
2.Catch the bait & Use the right knot to secure anchors, sounders, hooks & sinkers on ropes
Inspect and hang the seine to dry
Replace weights and add buoys and make your own line
Learn how to jig for cod
3. Salt fish on the beach:
Make the site ready to receive the catch
Flaking the fish         
Erect the flakes

Bucket showing salt
Clean, split and salt the fish
Ask the Captain: The difference between the green and dry fishery?
Why the tides come and go? ...Little known stories!

Learn how to keep a stove of the past going and then learn how to prepare fish, partake of a snack of the times, listen to the tall tales and
share your "Eau de vie"

You've now earned the right to tell you own
Tall Tales
the conclusion of your fishing experience!!
Program can be adapted to add a
Heritage Lunch or Heritage Dinner.
Experience is offered in French or English.
Must be pre-booked in advance and is subject to availability.
Cost $79.00 + pst per person
for a group of 8 to 10 people.
For other size of groups, ask about our prices.
 "Fish Tales and
Tall Ships"

 will last 2-3 hours and includes hands-on activities and a heritage snack.
In your backpack, come prepared:
Sun screen
In case of rain:
Rain hat
Waterproof footgear
@Glenn Saunders &Judy MacKinnon
About the Jean Pierre Roma National Historic Site of Canada
Walk where, in 1732, French merchant, Jean Pierre Roma carved a commercial trading company out of the dense Acadian forest.  As commander of the company, Roma's crews built shallops to sail between his site on the Brudenell River and St Peters which had direct assess to the cod rich Gulf of St
Lawrence. To make it easier to get to the fishing wharfs, Roma's crews built some of the first roads on P.E.I.
Roma followed his dreams and as an early international trader, shipped goods to France, the West Indies, Quebec and Louisbourg.

Roma believed his employees would be happier if the buildings were attractive. One of Roma's employees will explain the 1700s piquet architecture of the reconstruction and why the white flag flies. 

Today, Jean Pierre Roma at Three Rivers is a National Historic Site on Brudenell Point, P.E.I. where three Canadian Heritage Rivers converge.
Fishing Crew Wanted: