Foraging with Anne Gallant, foodie
August 13
1:30 to 3:30
Harvest  fireweed, wood sorrel , wild flower for  tea & more

Anne has been foraging for several years and will share her knowledge of plants that abound in nature.

You will acquire the skills to forage safely, harvest, prepare and taste plants as well as take home the fruit of your labor.

Foraging is a lot of fun, but you also need to be careful and learn how to identify plants before eating them. Your walk in nature will never be the same.


            August 13th ... chanterelles if we have rain, dry sea lettuce , sea shore plant identification and taste

          September 10th ... mushrooms , plantain seeds, chaga , roasted  dock seeds  to make coffee substitute.


505 Roma Point Road (off Rte 319, 8 km from Montague) located Town of Three Rivers