Heritage meals are featured at  the Roma at Three Rivers Site  on Prince Edward Island
Roma at Three Rivers is a National Historic Site on Prince Edward Island

OPEN ...   June 29 to  September 27, 2019

Roma's summer daily program offers guided tours by costumed interpreters starting June 29 to September 27 (11:00 am to 5:00 pm daily). 
The Roma Site is a secluded, quiet, picturesque spot tucked away in an historic PEI location where you can wander the grounds and browse the signage explaining the  historical significance of the Jean Pierre Roma era (1732-1745) and the Macdonald era of the 1800s ... check out our collection of artifacts unearthed at the Site in the 1970s. We serve an Heritage Lunch every day and Afternoon Tea. Roma Bread, our speciality baked on Site, is served with Lunch & Tea.
Phone: 902 838 3413
505 Roma Point Road
(off Rte 319, 8 km from Montague)

August 8 and 9, 2020

Jean Pierre Roma at Three Rivers
 one of Canada's earliest designated National Historic Sites

 This historic site brings to life the story of Jean Pierre Roma, the French merchant  who in 1732 established an international trading post at Trois Rivières. Today Roma's time is given life through lively interactive programs such as  the Heritage Chocolate Festival  and Heritage Lunches.

The site presents guides in period clothing for interpretation of the French heritage garden, the artifacts, children's toys & games and to explain  Jean Pierre Roma's significance to PEI history.

The history buff who wants to explore independently  can follow the 9 km of forested trails along the Brudenell and Montague Rivers complete with interpretive signs along the 1 km-long Heritage Trail portion. As well artifacts from the time of Roma (1732 to 1745) unearthed in 1970 are on display in the Heritage building adjacent to the Pavilion where many of the Roma events are held.

The site has beautiful picnic areas and a unique timber frame barbeque shelter with a large outdoor clay oven.  The Roma site also provides prebooked Heritage Meals such as the Roma Feast held annually.
 In the 1730s Roma's dreams, feuds and parties enlivened the wilderness. And today the Roma site is again enlivened by the story of Jean Pierre Roma, the Frenchman who dreamed big dreams.

Roma bread is tasty and popular ...
 it's served with all meals at the Site and
 it's sold everyday at the Roma
Banquets and Weddings are marvelous at Roma ...
 the Roma Site can be rented for private events such as weddings and business events ... click for details ...

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 Roma monument 2015
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Roma Heritage Lunch and
 marvelous views of the Site ...
Roma's Hidden Beach
By Domenick d'Andrea and Rick Reeves -
By F Stephen - Archives
Fall of Roma's Settlement
After the first fall of Louisbourg, British commander William Pepperrell sent an expedition against Ile Saint Jean in July 1745.
 This force divided, one part going to Three Rivers, the other to Port-La-Joye.
At Three Rivers  Jean Pierre Roma and servants did not give any resistance because they only had one six pound cannon to mount a defence.
 Roma, along with his son and daughter escaped into the woods where they witnessed the New Englanders burn the village. The family then probably escaped to Saint Peters (PEI) and then went on to Quebec, remaining there until the end of the war.
Roma Decendents Reunion
August 8 and 9, 2020

The Siege of Louisbourg took place in 1745 when a New England colonial force aided by a British fleet captured Louisbourg, under the Command of
 William Pepperrell,  an American merchant and soldier, widely remembered for organizing, financing, and leading the 1745 expedition that captured the French garrison at Fortress Louisbourg during King George's War. During hs day he was called the" hero of Louisbourg"
History behind the "GREAT ESCAPE"'
The Great Escape
 will celebrate 275 years since the burning of Roma ...  at Roma"s recreated National Historic Site.
August 8 & 9, 2020

are invited to attend the GREAT ESCAPE
Preliminary Program
more details to come
A 2 day event August', 8&9 focusing on the anniversary of the burning of the settlement and Roma's subsequent escape
Friday August 8: 
The evening event will feature a heritage meal prepared by Chef Robert Pendergast using locally sourced products and prepared traditionally.  Before the dinner, guests would be entertained.
 During the meal, key historical players: J.P. Roma and each of his 4 children would give a personal account of what happened to each of them on the fateful day and the subsequent months after the attack.  .  

Saturday, August 9 - Family Day to Celebrate J. P. Roma's Great Escape:
The goal of the day would be two-fold: 1. to demonstrate many aspects of day to day life at the Roma settlement in the 1730s and 2. to recreate the sacking and burning of the trading post by the New England soldiers and privateers.  
1.Day to day life at the settlement

2. Official recognition during the day

3.Recreate the sacking and burning of the trading post and Roma's escape
The culminating event would be a partial re-enactment of arrival of the British soldier after they had defeated Louisburg.  Local volunteers and amateur actors would form the army of 30-40 men who would arrive to plunder the settlement (the booty would be placed strategically on the grounds) and head to Roma Point to burn the buildings. After they have departed, the drama would continue with J.P. Roma, his 2 children , servants and valets  coming out of hiding and recounting their harrowing story. It would include the Mi'kmaq players as they were integral to the survival of the settlers and kept an allegiance with the French settlers .Afro-carribbean inhabitants of Roma will bring into perspective the trade and commerce with the Indies .It would take the format of a pageant as guests would follow the actors at various locations on the grounds of Roma
Many more details to come ...